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I am passionate about books and read pretty much all kinds of books, ranging from Comics to classics and a whole lot in between. I am also a compulsive reader. This Blog is about I feel about those books.

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Taken by Storm (Raised by Wolves, #3) - Jennifer Lynn Barnes i literally just finished this book and i am still reeling from the way everything turned out..while reading it, i really wanted there to be a fourth in the series, but after finishing it, i can't help but think that it had a very fitting end.. Jennifer Lynn Barnes definitely did not pull any punches and i am so glad for that..i fell in love with Devon (he's so awesome!! :D) and Lake in the very first book and this one was no different.. Caroline sorta grew on me too.. too bad i can't say the same for Callum.. even i get that there were reasons for doing what he did (or did not do) but seriously, i can't find it in myself to even be mildly ok with him..so all in all, a fitting conclusion to an amazing series!! thank you Miss Barnes!