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Enshadowed - Kelly Creagh Full Review!! WOW!!!! I just finished Enshadowed and boy what a journey it was!! I am still reeling.. And that end, did NOT see that coming. I am immensely relieved that there will be a third book in the Nevermore series. That was the first thing I checked after finishing Endshadowed. This one is definitely better than its predecessor. It’s pace is much faster and the stakes are so much higher.. Isobel is still searching for Varen, heedless of the consequences or the toll this quest is taking on her life. She’s effectively isolated herself from everything and everyone that she once considered important (the only exception being cheerleading) and I loved Gwen. She was awesome in Nevermore also, but she really shines this time around. Sure she had a moment of weakness but it passed fairly quickly and she came through. The only person I have trouble connecting with is Varen. We got glimpses of what he was really like in the previous book but in this he is literally missing. Honestly, Pinfeathers was a much more sympathetic character than Varen. Brad was also a very different person than he was in the Nevermore. In Enshadowed, he seems damaged, and in all probability he still is. Nikki is still annoying but I was happy to find very little mention of Alyssa. I hope Isobel doesn’t lose her spot on the squad if for no other reason than to keep Alyssa in her place. I have a feeling that the third book will be from Varen’s point of view, as Isobel will still be recovering from the events that unfolded at the end of Enshadowed. I have a feeling that she won’t be venturing into the Otherworld anytime soon. I think her parents and Gwen could certainly use a breather when they aren’t stressing themselves out wondering what she’ll do next. Which also makes me curious as to what happened to Gwen at the end. I love Isobel, she’s strong, stubborn to a fault, loyal, but for some reason I feel really bad for her parents. I don’t usually go all “GO PARENTS” but I blame Ms. Creagh for writing such wonderful characters. Sometime authors forget all about the parents in the course of the story and they usually pop up as if the author suddenly remembers that, “oh, we had those as well, now where do they fit in??” Creagh doesn’t do that, they fit in seamlessly into the narrative and never once make you wonder why don’t they go get a life of their own (I know I am probably rambling but it is past 2.30 in the morning so please bare with me)(also this is a very awkward time to crave the apple pie sitting in the fridge) when I reached the middle of Enshadowed, I thought I was gonna have an anxiety attack and I very nearly did at the end. So let me bring this review to a close with words of caution for those who are about start reading Enshadowed. It is a great book but be prepared for a thoroughly engrossing read, honestly, if stress made me wanna bite my nails, I wouldn’t have any left. If you loved Nevermore, Enshadowed will not disappoint!!P.S. – On second thought, somehow it doesn’t seem very likely that the third book will be from Vaern’s POV..