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I am passionate about books and read pretty much all kinds of books, ranging from Comics to classics and a whole lot in between. I am also a compulsive reader. This Blog is about I feel about those books.

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Fate Succumbs (Timber Wolves Trilogy, #3) - Tammy Blackwell OH MY GOD!!! Its finally over and I am absolutely miserable. I was hooked to Scout’s story from the 1st page of the 1st book and Ms. Blackwell doesn’t disappoint in the finale. I tried to put off reading this book for as long as I could but then I finally caved. Even then I tried to make it last by reading it as slowly as was possible but then that was never going to work, not with the way the narrative progresses. You can’t help but get sucked in; I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. This series started and ended far too soon. If ever I wanted a series to go on, it was this.. In Fate Succumbs, Scout is on the run from the Alpha Pack with Liam and trying to survive. She’s alone and she doesn’t have anyone else she can turn to or trust. She’s trying to come to terms with the events that took place at the end of Time Mends. This book moves slowly (more slowly than most finale books), through most of the beginning; she spends her time travelling from one place to another, meeting some new people and making new friends. When she and Liam finally decide to settle down for a little while, they spend the time training and catching her up on the world of shifters and seers. While the narrative is slow, it is in no way dull. Ms. Blackwell keeps things moving at steady pace and keeps us hooked with really sharp writing (and some funny pop culture references) I love Scout. After the end of the last book, she could’ve easily turned into a blubbering, self-pitying mess but she didn’t. Her sarcasm, wit and irreverence were so refreshing amongst all that gloom and doom. She was awesome, a real Bad Ass!! Then there’s Liam, he features way more prominently in this book than he did in the previous ones. He and Alex are very different people. Alex was more easy-going, relaxed and had a more sunny disposition, Liam is anything but that: he’s used to caring for his little brother and is more the silent, brooding and stern type. And being stuck with each other (Scout and Liam) doesn’t always bring out the best in either of them. But, this time, we got a look at a very different Liam and I really liked him.. Now I have a confession to make, I sort of preferred him from the very beginning. Yes, Alex was very likable but somehow Liam always held my interest so I was very happy to see more of him. Alex and Nicole still appear in Scout’s and we find out what the ‘dream-but-not-a-dream’ thing is really about. Jase, Talley and the rest also feature but appear pretty late in story.I will probably read Destiny Binds again in the near future, this book just blew me away and I can’t wait to revisit this world again!! This is one my favourite werewolf series (the other being Raised By Wolves trilogy, another great series) it was a great end to a great series, Thank you Ms. Blackwell!!!