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A Fractured Light - Jocelyn Davies A Fractured Light takes off immediately after the events of the A Beautiful Darkness when Skye was almost killed by Devin. Asher takes her to a remote cottage so that she can recuperate. Once she’s comes back home, she realizes that the Guardians are everywhere (Devin is back too) and her life as she knew it did not exist anymore, but she still tries to hang on it for as long as she can. She also starts trying to get her new powers under control. As far as her love life is concerned, she is happy to be with Asher but as the story progresses, she finds that she still has feelings for Devin. Also, while she does choose a side pretty early in the book, she finds herself questioning that decision. I thought this book was way better than the first one. But I still found myself getting very frustrated with the narrative but also unable to stop reading because I wanted to know what happened next. I think the frustration was partly due to the pace of the narrative; it was kinda slow and then there was Asher. I have to be honest, I didn’t like him much in the first book also and let’s just say that he hasn’t really grown on me. He and Skye are together and while most of the times, he says the right things, he just seems to be plugging the Rebellion every chance he gets. Which really makes you wonder, does he really love her or what she’s capable of doing for the Rebellion? Skye spends a lot of time trying to figure where she fits, definitely not the Order, they did try to kill her after all, or the Rebellion? It was so good to see her thinking for herself and not letting other peoples’ expectations dictate her choices.What I like about Fractured Light is that Davies gives us some very good secondary characters. Cassie, Dan and Ian are all back as are Aunt Jo, Devin and Raven. The new characters are Ardith and Gideon, friends of Asher from the Rebellion and Ardith is really easy to like. And I still like Devin, I preferred him to Asher in the first book also. Yes, I think it was a bad idea to stab the girl you claimed to love but I think he’s definitely more conflicted. He knows that loving Skye will land him with the Order and yet, he still tries to protect her in his own way.A Fractured Light is a good and interesting read, if a little frustrating at times, still worthwhile though.