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I am passionate about books and read pretty much all kinds of books, ranging from Comics to classics and a whole lot in between. I am also a compulsive reader. This Blog is about I feel about those books.

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Deity - Jennifer L. Armentrout I literally just finished Deity and Oh My God!! Could a book be more infuriating!?!?!? Don't get me wrong, it was infuriating because it was brilliant! absolutely, mind-numbingly awesome! Without question, it is the best book in the Covenant Series so far and how the HELL does JLA even write this kind of awesome!!!Sometimes, with am on-going series, I decide to not read the recently released book because at the end of it, I am left with a cliffhanger bad enough to give me a heart attack. I had half a mind of waiting for Appolyon to release before i read Deity but it was just too much for self-control and eventually I caved (besides there was Elixir, so technically i did have another book in the series)(I can't wait to get started with that, I shall begin Elixir today after I'm done rambling)So, this book picks up almost immediately when Pure ended and Alex and Seth are spending a lot of time together, he's helping her train among other things. I'm not going to write a summary for the book, the blurb does a good job of that. But there are a lot of things happening here and the way the narrative progresses, a lot of things become clearer. I am happy to see, that even on the third book of the series, there is a good amount of character growth. I am also glad Alex retains her awesome attitude, though to a lesser extent (what would we do without her amazing one-liners and come-backs)Aiden is just so awesome!!! Could he possibly get any more amazing (I will know once I read Elixir :D ) But it is painfully obvious that he truly does love her and would literally do anything to protect her. Seth is nauseating as always. I just can't stand him. Sure he's hot but i can't stand a guy who refuses to listen to "NO" when a girl says it. It was very infuriating. It wasn't cute and and honestly, I'm surprised that Alex didn't kick him out. Being connected to her wasn't an excuse. Some of the older characters are back like Lea, Marcus, Deacon, Leon, etc. Lucian is as creepy as always (Yuck!!) and we meet someone we did not expect to (that was a pleasant surprise)Deity threw a number of curveballs, making it close to impossible to predict which way the story was headed and that was probably the best part. It keeps you guessing the whole time and then just as you're thinking, "AHA! I got it!" there is a twist and again you're left stunned. This book ends on possibly the worst cliffhanger i have read in a really long time and that just makes the wait for Appolyon that much more painful!! Elixir is more like a stop-gap arrangement to appease the readers who are still reeling from the end. But seriously, what an awesome book. I'll probably read it again because there were portion where i speed-read since i couldn't wait to see what happened next. Very highly recommended. If you haven't read the Covenant Series yet, you should start soon. You have no idea what you're missing!! :D