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I am passionate about books and read pretty much all kinds of books, ranging from Comics to classics and a whole lot in between. I am also a compulsive reader. This Blog is about I feel about those books.

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Dark Taste of Rapture - Gena Showalter ok, normally i love the characters Gena Showalter creates and Noelle was no exception, but Hector??? Well, not so much. Me thinks the gentleman doth protest too much.. Seriously, his mood swings were drastic, they gave me whiplash. At the end of the book, i should've been happy that they got together (i mean that was a given) but i did not feel the satisfaction that usually accompanies that, instead i felt resignation.. So, yeah, did not work for me. And had it not been for Noelle and Ava, I probably would not even have finished the book..