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Days of Blood & Starlight - Laini Taylor I loved Daughter of Smoke and Bone and it was very different from most other books in the YA genre mostly because of the narrative style and I’m very glad that Days of Blood and Starlight retains that. Taylor uses descriptive narrative that as a reader you just can’t rush through, even as you’re dying to find what happens next, it is simply not possible. Her writing is so rich and has almost a lyrical quality that I find absolutely beautiful. I would say that the book is for patient readers, if you’re looking for a quick fix, then this book is probably not for you. Days of Blood and Starlight is so different from Daughter of Smoke and Bone, the previous book had a healthy amount of humorous moments and it focused more on the love story between Akiva and Karou, this book is much darker and there is an air of impending doom, the stakes are decidedly higher this time around.She introduced us to Karou’s world in the last book and this one offers a more detailed view, the narrative shifts to different POV: Karou, Akiva, Zuzana and other newer characters. And Laini Taylor manages to make us invest emotionally with those characters. Karou and Akiva did not part on the best of terms at the end of the previous book (and that is putting it mildly) and this book is primarily about both of them dealing with the consequences of when they fell in love with each other so long ago. One is trying to believe that their shared dream could possibly be turned into reality. Maybe not soon, but bit by bit, to convert their war-ridden life with real peace. While the other is trying to atone for their supposed sins and for a large part of the book turns a blind-eye to the war raging. And while that is difficult to understand, Taylor does just that, she makes the reader understand and maybe empathize (not condone) with this person’s actions. She also gives a glimpse into Liraz and Hazael, Akiva’s siblings and their reaction to learning the whole truth about Akiva and Karou/ Madrigal. Zuzana is a godsend to Karou; she could not have hoped to find a more devoted friend had she tried. Zuzana takes pretty much everything that Karou’s new life throws at her in her stride, always willing to understand and listen. We also meet Ziri, a chimera who belonged to the same tribe as Madrigal (the last remaining Kirin). It was interesting to see this relationship play out. He clearly thought of the world of her when he was younger and struggles with dealing with her actions that finally lead to her execution. As a reader, I can’t help but hope that Akiva and Karou do find a way to be together. In Days of Blood and Starlight, they are both reeling from the events that took place in the previous book, that they don’t really know how to move forward with each other. They clearly still love one another but what hope of a relationship could there be when of the two, one is certain that their love was a mistake. I so hope that they get their dream and experience it together. Ok, I will admit, I was frustrated with Karou more than a few times, but it would have been very strange for her to just put everything behind her and jump into Akiva’s arms. But that aside, I will be very unhappy if they don’t get their ‘happily ever after’.My only complaint was that it took some time for me to get settled with the book. Considering that the last book came out roughly a year ago, it was somewhat difficult to really get into this world but with a little patience, I’m more than a little satisfied that I did. It is an extremely engrossing read and Laini Taylor has created such a rich and layered world that it stays with you even after finishing the book. But if you’re thinking of starting this book, going through Daughter of Smoke and Bone again would be a good idea. Definitely a book to be savored.P.S. - I really want Karou and Akiva to get their happy ending!!