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With All My Soul - Rachel Vincent Loved it!! Loved it!! Loved it!! Wow, what a fitting end to an incredibly awesome series!! I literally just finished reading With All My Soul and I’m kinda still in shock. And while I am happy with the way it concluded, the end was bittersweet. I am simultaneously happy and miserable, happy because Kaylee is finally in peace and miserable because the series is over and its all over.The stakes were already sky high in Before I Fall and while I did not think that it was possible for those stakes to rise anymore, in this book they soared and how! Things moved at break-neck speed and so much was happening that I found myself getting just as anxious as Kaylee and wondering just much worse things could get (and of course they got very bad very soon) Avari and his evil horde were still after Kaylee and her friends and this time they went all out. Kaylee and her friends tried to come up with a plan to get rid of these vile creatures but unfortunately before they even had a chance to put that plan to work in earnest, things got worse when someone very close to Kaylee got taken by Avari. They planned a rescue and even that went haywire when a new player entered the field. Things only went downhill from that point. In terms of characters, Kaylee was still by far my favourite with Tod a very close second. And if this book did anything, it showcased her strength and willingness to make some very difficult decisions and also her selflessness, often putting herself at risk so that her loved ones are safe. And how can you not love Tod, funny even when everything is going wrong and also his love for Kaylee. He’s one of the best characters I’ve read in some time. Nash was still a little annoying but there was some improvement, at least he made an effort to not be a jerk. I didn’t actually hate Sabine like a lot of the readers, she kinda grew on me and more so in this book. In the Nash-Sabine relationship, it is clear that she’s the stronger one and she very obviously keeps him grounded. As for Emma, my heart broke for her. She was another characters that I was VERY fond of and I hated what happened to her at the end of the previous book, but I’m glad that at least she’s still alive (kind of) Sophie was still an annoying brat although to be fair, she also made an effort to be less bitchy, this was in part due to Luca’s influence but still, the effort counts. Wrath was a nice addition to the mix and it was interesting to see the interplay between him and the other (vile!) hellions. And of course Kaylee’s father, Harmony and her uncle, Brendon also feature and Ms. Vincent tied things up nicely without it being cheesy or forced.To those of you as obsessed by these books as me, this is very fitting conclusion (while maybe also a little sad) and very highly recommended. My only complaint (and its not a real complaint as much as a regret) is that I wish Kaylee and Tod had had a chance to fall in love and also grow up together (yes they’re in love and technically immortal but you know what I mean, right?) and I also wish that Kaylee hadn't missed four years of her life in hell yes I get that she had to do it and she was incredibly smart about it, but still :( to really experience life as opposed to having to pretend to live. This just goes to show how well written these characters are and how much you come to care about them through the course of this series.