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Apollyon - Jennifer L. Armentrout This is me waiting for Apollyon!!Brand new Apollyon Teaser:"Sounds like a smart idea." Dark humor laced Aiden's voice. "You might want to get your gun off my brother's face while you're at it."Done reading Apollyon!!!!!WOW!!!!! I stayed up the entire night reading this book (finished it in record time) and I’m still feeling giddy-headed! To say this book is AWESOME would be the biggest understatement ever! (please note the excessive use of exclamation marks) And this is the best book in the Covenant series by a long shot! Ok, maybe not a long shot, Deity is a very close second.Moving on, in terms of character development, you don’t get better than this. Alex has grown up so much from when we first met her. She’s still the same on so many levels, but older and more mature, she takes the time to think things through instead of simply jumping into the unknown, all guns blazing. She’s still unflinichingly loyal and protective of those she cares about, sometimes to the extent where she ends up getting in danger. But that’s all part of what makes her truly an awesome character and so much fun, not to mention, makes the audience root for her that much more. Also, I was very happy that while she did grow up, she was still funny as always, it would have such a terrible loss for her to not be her usual snarky self.Aiden St. Delphi is also just as awesome! And his faith in Alex and in her strength is so refreshing. He is quite honestly the most perfect guy you will come across (anywhere) He is there for her when she needs him but knows when to back off. The other awesome thing: he is so secure. He knows that at some level Alex still cares about Seth, but he doesn’t sulk about it, he accepts that and moves on and knows that while she still might have feelings for him, it doesn’t even come close to the way she feels about him. And he was so playful in this book. It was nice to see this very different side of him. Seriously, the sweetest guy ever!!It was very nice to see Alex and Aiden’s relationship, now that it was out in the open. They were so cute together and totally deserve each other. I really hope they get their happy ending in Sentinel.Seth is still an annoying turd!!!! Few characters in books frustrate me as much he does (the other one being Biff from the Lux series.) This guy is so drunk on power and is so delusional that he can’t seem to get his head out his ass!! I get that he had a tough childhood but that doesn’t make it ok to go on a killing spree! Stupid ass!!! Every time I came across ‘my Seth’, I threw up in my mouth, YUCK!!! Also, as much as Alex likes to insist that the good Seth is still in there, he’s done such horrible things while drunk on power that I don’t know if there can be any absolution for him.The other characters are also just as much fun. What would they do without Deacon and his often ill-timed jokes. It was nice to see that Olivia was back, as was Laadan. Luke, Lea and Marcus and Solos were there as well. I was surprised but I actually came to like Lea quite a bit. It was also nice to see a slightly different side of Marcus. Apollo made quite a few appearances as well as well as some other gods. We also find out the identity of the other god, the one who’s helping Lucian and Seth and by the time I got to the reveal, it had become a little obvious. There were hints throughout the book and if you pay close attention, you’ll figure it out as well. We are so close to end that there were bound to some casualties and even knowing that, it was tough. All of these characters have come such a long way that to lose them now just sucks!This book was chock-a-block full of action. There was something happening all the time, and there was always a feeling of impending doom, which was then kinda justified at the end. There was no cliffhanger this time, thank god (or JLA) and that such a relief. Still, while I am thrilled that I finally got to read this book and I finished it, I now have to face the fact that I will have to wait till December to get my hands on the final book, Sentinel. Why can’t we have it now!! On another note, I will probably re-read the final few chapters because the tension was so high that I might have speed-read some portions (might have.) So Jennifer L. Armentrout outdoes herself yet again!