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Darkness, Kindled - Samantha Young ITS OVER!!!!!!!! Oh my god, it’s finally done and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’m glad that Samantha Young did not needlessly drag the series and the end is still sinking in. Considering that this was the last book in the series, Darkness, Kindled definitely did not disappoint. There was plenty of action, nail-biting suspense and a healthy dose of gooey love.I did not re-read Borrowed Ember before starting Kindled (mostly because I’d already read Ember more than twice since it came out) so things were fairly fresh in my memory. At the end of Ember, Charlie had officially gone off the deep end and lost himself to the Mount Qaf Emerald. Ari was assigned to hunt Charlie on behalf of the Guild and bring him in and she and Jai finally started living together (along with Trey.) In Kindled, Ari meets Charlie again and this time, it is obvious to her as well that the Charlie that she knew and loved is lost to her. He comes to her with an offer and because she’s still desperate to save him, she agrees. What I was very relieved to find was that she and Jai were honest with each other. That just helped cut down the confusion, not to mention, all the unnecessary drama. Jai is also summoned by the Roe Guild and told that Charlie has been spotted by some of the Guild members. That served to speed up the chase for Charlie. Ari, Jai and Trey decide on a plan to save Charlie but in order for that plan to work, they had to keep it from the Guild. There were a lot of things happening in this book, in addition to dealing with Charlie, Ari also had to deal with Asmodeus and his nightly incursions in her dreams. Add to that, certain circumstances forced Ari to go to Azazil and make him repay that favour that he owed her. Of course, that favour, once granted had a domino effect that not even Azazil could have foreseen. (like I said, very eventful)I’m gonna try and keep this review as spoiler free as possible, but considering just how many things happened in this book, that’s gonna be very hard, but I will try.Ari is one of my favourite female characters in YA fiction and she remained kick-ass in Kindled as well. She is selfless, loyal, caring, sometimes even with those who don’t deserve it. Yet she has also matured as a hunter for the Guild. And I’m glad that despite being hopelessly in love with Jai, she doesn’t let him dictate her actions (he tries to do that when he gets over-protective) What made her even more awesome this time, was her apparent fearlessness. She wasn’t afraid of standing up to even Azazil to protect those that she loved. (Sure, she might’ve been terrified on the inside, but managed not to show it)Jai, I am relieved to say, was much better in Kindled. I found him a little irritating in the previous books because, for the life of him, he couldn’t make up his mind about Ari and kept dumping his own issues with his family on her. It sucked that for so long he blinded himself to how much she loved him. Anyway, I am very happy to say that he finally learned his lesson. It was nice to see more of this sweet Jai, of whom we’d only had glimpses before. He was kind and thoughtful and when he did get a little pig-headed, he did not simply leave and go somewhere to brood, he stayed and talked to Ari. That was a pleasant change. I would like to say that even Charlie was more likeable this time around, sadly that wouldn’t be completely true. Yes, I feel really bad for what happened to him but some of it, he brought on himself. So, Ari, Jai and Trey finally nab him and try to help him weaning him off the emerald. It works and just when it seems that their plan to save him worked, the Guild find out and come and arrest him. Of course, that proves to be the catalyst that sets the events of Kindled in motion.The wish that Ari makes of Azazil resulted in quite a few changes. She wished that Sala never placed her with Derek to begin with and also that her ‘reality’ stay the same and that she retained all the memories. The wish would only affect humans but not the Jinn and the half-bloods. So, Fallon was back. So was Derek, Ari’s absent father and there was also a different reality for Charlie, where his brother never died and therefore he never made the wish to become a Sorcerer. But he also didn’t know Ari because she wasn’t a part of this new reality. He also didn’t remember Fallon because they never met. This new Charlie was definitely better, this is how he would’ve been if his brother had survived. This new Charlie was definitely more likeable than the one we were saddled with in the previous books. Things weren’t so simple for Fallon, being half Jinn, she remembered both realities and had to come to terms with the fact that the Charlie she fell in love with was truly gone. She was also quieter than she was before she died (and came back) but I was glad that it did not last long. Fallon was one of my favourite characters in the series and I was seriously pissed when she died. So naturally, I was thrilled when she came back.Red is around as always, though he was a little distant with Ari in the beginning, that was very sad to see. But I’m glad that he came around. We also saw more of Glass, the other Jinn king, and though he was very quiet and seldom said anything, he was nice as well. It was especially sweet to him with Trey. I love Trey, seriously, one of the best characters in the series. Azazil, was the same, teetering precariously between sanity and insanity. Asmodeus was….. well Asmodeus… dark, mysterious and dangerous. When Ari, Jai and the rest averted the end of the world and everyone thought that they were finally safe, another crisis arose. And this one had to do with Asmodeus. I’ll be honest, I quite liked Asmodeus in the previous books and in Kindled, I felt short-changed where he was concerned. The end I felt was a little rushed, this new crisis was averted a little too conveniently. I get that Ari and Jai deserved their happily-ever-after but I think fleshing out this part of the story would’ve made for a more satisfying end. It ended way too soon. But, to conclude, it was a great end to the Fire Spirits Series. Very highly recommended to all the fans of the series, you will not be disappointed. It will leave you happy with the end and miserable that it’s all over. Bittersweet.