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Rogue Descendant - Jenna Black I am dying yet again!!! Jenna Black gave us a cliffhanger ending without it being a cliffhanger in the true sense. I thought that maybe I should not read it so soon, but did I listen? No!! Now I will suffer till the next book comes out. And there has to be another book, with an ending like that, there can’t not be a book 4.We are back in Nikki’s world and this time, in the beginning at least, things seem to be slightly calmer than the last book. But that calm did not last for long. Somebody is setting fires to houses that either belong to Nikki or to people she cares about. There is someone who takes responsibility for the arson but Nikki being a private detective, she knows that things are rarely ever that simple or convenient. She decides to investigate further. Meanwhile Anderson is trying to pressure her into looking for Konstantine and she’s actively trying to refuse. However certain unforeseen circumstances force her to change her mind. Cyrus is now the leader of the Olypians and he seems to be making an effort to run the Olympians in a manner different from his father’s. Then there’s Nikki’s not-relationship with Jamaal. Seriously, for every one step forward, she ends up taking three steps back. The guy has built adamantium walls around him and refuses to let anyone through. In the last book, he and Nikki did seem to make some progress in the right direction, in this book, not so much. Rogue Descendant had a very single minded plot that did not deviate so we got to see very few descendants from Nikki’s camp.Nikki is still awesome and I love her sarcasm and her wise-ass comments. But this time around she seemed a little pulled-down to me. She seemed to still be recovering from the events of the last book and of course, once things started to go downhill this time, yet again, she didn’t have time to breathe. She’s still trying to figure out how her power works and she does make some headway where that is concerned. But for a large part, the use of her powers are based on instinct. Another reason I really like her, is that she doesn’t get cowed down or let herself bullied. She is terrified of Anderson after that little display of his true power and yet she still stands up to him when she disagrees with him. And she’s rational when others are too busy losing their heads to their emotions. As for the male leads, this time around, there seemed to be a bit of conflict. We saw a lot more of Anderson than Jamaal. In Rogue, more than the other two books, it was very apparent that what we see of Anderson on the surface is a very carefully constructed façade. And though there were times when you begin to wonder is he really is a good guy, those times don’t last long. We got a deeper look into his psyche and it did seem to answer some questions about him (though not too many)Then there was Jamaal. He has the whole brooding thing down pat. He’s made it into an art form. I get that he had a very tough life before he became a Descendant and that he still struggles with both, his scars and the death magic, but come on already!!! Seriously he’s throwing himself one hell of a pity party and its getting old. Its hard to see Nikki trying to get him to come out of his shell and for him to just retreat deeper and shut the door in her face. There were times in this book when she really needed him and he wasn’t around her (or at least he couldn’t stick around for long) Another character we saw a lot of in Rogue Descendant was Cyrus, son of Konstantine, the newly crowned king of the Olympians. In the beginning he was kinda hard to pin down but the more I read, I realised, not really. He seems like a completely different person from his father. He seems like a nice guy, funny, considerate and someone you could even be friends with. Well it was all of those things that screamed ROTTEN EGG to me. He tried too hard and that more than anything made me not trust him. To be honest, I can’t even say I liked it (even momentarily) I don’t get what Blake saw in him. Like I said earlier, we didn’t really meet any of the other Descendants. There were only glimpses. Steph was still around but this time, I got a feeling that maybe Nikki and her sister were drifting apart a little, I sincerely hope I’m wrong. I really like Steph and it would suck if for some reason the two of them were no longer close. I think now more than ever, Nikki needs her. We also met their parents this time and that was nice. It was interesting to see Nikki’s interaction with them. They love and accept her for who she is and the way she is. But it’s sad that the neglect she suffered as a child, keeps her from really letting them in. For those of you wondering if you should read Rogue Descendant, you definitely should. It’s a little slow in parts but never dull and the climax pays off big time. Although, it might be a good idea to wait till you at least have some news of the fourth book. If not, you’ll be left feeling more than a little miserable like me, because this book is over and so far no news of the next book. We’ll probably have to wait to till next year anyway. Still, a thoroughly engrossing read!