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Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet - Darynda Jones This is a review for pretty much all four books.So, guess who I discovered recently, Yup, that’s right. Darynda Jones and her Charley Davidson series. And it is so much fun. So different and one of the funniest things I’ve read recently. Very unexpected. I can’t believe I took so long to find her stuff.Charley Davidson is fast becoming one of my favourite heroines in Adult Fiction and her attitude is a huge part of all the things that make her awesome. I just finished the fourth book, I planned to write a review after I finished the third book and take a bit of a breather from the series, but that plan didn’t work. I started reading the fourth book despite my best efforts to avoid doing that. If you haven’t read the series yet, get to it RIGHT NOW!! Darynda Jones’ writing is awesome; there are entire paragraphs I wanted to highlight. I’m so gonna start quoting her. I love her style of writing, just when all hell is breaking lose, Jones will throw in an unexpected one-liner which will make you laugh out loud and then immediately bring you back to the gloom and doom. And there is plenty of that here. Along with some truly amazing characters. Now, on to Charley Davidson, she’s a private detective and Grim Reaper extraordinaire! And she does it with a flair that’ll leave you begging for more. Oh and she’s also a caffeine addict. And is one of the funniest PIs in the industry. Don’t get me wrong, she goes through more crises in a week than most countries in an entire year but what’s life without a generous helping of life threatening events to keep everyone on their toes? There is also a generous amount of ill-timed humour. And it is these ill-timed moments that’ll keep you hooked. What does being a Grim Reaper entail, well, mostly seeing the dead and leading them into the light (the afterlife) when they’re stuck here for some reason. There are also some other nifty abilities like being able to sense emotions and a bunch of other stuff that she still hasn’t figured out yet. But give the girl a break, its not like the whole Grim Reaper gig came with a manual (she’ll tell you the same thing if you asked her) Another thing that makes Charley awesome (other than rocking that name) is the lengths she is willing to go to protect her loved ones.Next we come to Reyes, son of Satan. Now, don’t let that scare you too much. The guy has a temper problem and threatens people way too easily but that’s all part of his charm. Ok, maybe not always. I was a pretty big Reyes fan for the first 2 books and in book 3 he did something that pissed me off, he used Charley as bait to lure his loser not-father out of hiding. Yes the same one he was accused of killing. And in doing so he put her life on the line and those of Cookie and Amber. That was not cool. I get the guy has issues being abused by that loser but putting the lives of so many people on the line, and one of those people being the love of your life, stupid much? He could’ve warned her at least. And it stung even more after what her father did in the last book. And then again, what he did at the end of this book. Reyes tried to make amends (read threatened Charley some more) so he is not my favourite person right now but there is a side of him that is just so sweet that you can almost overlook all the control-freak tendencies (the operative word here being ‘almost’). I know that she’ll eventually end up with him, so I hope he redeems himself.Cookie is definitely my second favourite character in the series. She’s smart and her loyalty to Charley made her indispensible. Of course, her interaction with Charley and their verbal exchange alone would make this series worth a read. Cookie has Charley’s back and in a lot of ways has pretty much more than made up for Charley’s family (or lack thereof) I love Cookie so much, I wanted to kidnap her and bring her home. Too bad she doesn’t exist. There’s a also Garrett, a skip-tracer and a brilliant one at that (Charley’s opinion and Charley knows best) they have a bit of a complicated relationship. They weren’t best friends when they met and then when her uncle revealed her secret to him one drunken night, that non-relationship went steadily downhill from there. But things improved somewhat when he tried to understand what she does and started believing her. He was a really fun guy (or he was before he died and came back) and in a lot of ways, I prefer him to Reyes. At least with Garrett, we know that he cares about her and might even love her and also that he wont set her up as bait and threaten on a regular basis. Plus it’s way more fun to read their arguments. The nice guys always get the shorter end of the stick.Then there’s Uncle Ubie. He’s Charley’s uncle (her father’s brother) and he’s a detective with the cops. He uses her unique ability regularly to solve crimes and they have a great relationship (for the most part.) He’s protective but doesn’t smother her and somehow has come to take Charley’s comments with a straight face. No small feat. As the books progress, Charley’s family also starts playing a larger role. And we find out more about them. Charley’s sister Gemma knows quite a bit about what Charley can do and they are finally trying to patch up their relationship after years of being very strained with each other. It was nice to see more of her in the fourth book. Her stepmother is another story altogether. She is a firm believer in denial. If you don’t like what’s in front of you, pretend you don’t see it. And then there’s the father. What happened to the nice, supportive man we met in the first book? His was an almost Jekyll and Hyde-like transformation. First he put her life at risk by painting a big fat target on her back and then as if that wasn’t enough he wants her to give up her PI business because suddenly he decides it not safe, wow, get a life already. In the fourth book we find out what prompted the change in his attitude, but still. And finally how can I forget out resident friendly scuffy biker gang leader Donovan? I seriously like that guy. He’s cute and so sweet Not sure if he qualifies as potential competition for Reyes but he was a very pleasant change. I mean do you wanna stay with someone who threatens you whenever he decides that he doesn’t like what you’re saying or doing? Saving you on a regular basis notwithstanding. Like I said before, the nice guys get short changed. I’m not kidding when I say that these books absolutely blew me away. Its been a long time since I’ve been this surprised by something I’ve read and this series was a very pleasant surprise. I’ve enjoyed her writing so much; I’m going to check out her YA fiction series once I’m done with Charley. START READING NOW!!!! :D