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Tremble - Jus Accardo Loved it!!! When I finished Toxic I nearly died because of the way it ended. Kale went back to Denazen to protect Dez and make sure that Aubrey healed her. I think it was fairly obvious that whatever they did to Kale would be horrible, but I didn’t quite expect what they did end up doing to him. It was so frustrating and devious that I have hand it to Jus Accardo for pulling it off.When Tremble starts, a few months (I’m guessing) have passed since the events of Toxic. Dez is still looking for Kale and she finally sees him at a party with Kiernan of all people. And what’s even worse is that he doesn’t even seem to remember her anymore. He thinks that he’s in love with Kiernan and that Dez tried to kill him. He’s sucking face with Kiernan and apparently hates Dez. Definitely not what I had been expecting. Dez finally realises that Denazen must have done something to him and decides to help him, even if it means getting hurt in the process. Meanwhile Ginger’s troupe are on the lookout for the remaining Supremacy Sixes. The ones on the verge of losing their minds and finally dying. Stakes rise when they realise that Denazen is also looking for these kids, but instead of wanting to help them out, they plan to ‘terminate’ all of them. Things got more frustrating for Dez (and me) when Ginger decides that getting Kale back is not on the top of their priority list, getting the remaining Sixes back alive is more important (well, maybe that one time she did make sense.)I really like Dez. I like heroines who are full spunk and spirit and Dez is brimming with both those qualities. She’s also independent and strong and very reckless. But that’s easy to overlook because she’s usually trying to help out someone else. This time around, the decline (which is the annoying and inconvenient side effect of the Supremacy experiment) is catching up with her. She’s starting to show signs and knows that it won’t be long before she loses her sanity and eventually her life. But I liked that she is resilient and didn’t give in. For a large part of the book, the Kale we know and love was woefully missing. He was more powerful and could even control his killer touch. It was immediately clear that something was wrong with him, Yet it was his personality that was the most jarring. He had none of the compassion and kindness that is quintessential Kale. Instead he became his own worst nightmare: a killing machine.Needless to say that Dez decided to rescue Kale from Denazen and get him out of Kiernan’s clutches. But things in Dez’s universe rarely go as planned as it turns out that maybe Kale maybe doesn’t want to be saved (or worse, can’t be) Yet, she refused to let him bully or scare her (which at times may not have been the smartest thing to do)Alex is still around and thankfully he wasn’t as annoying as he was in the previous two books. Kiernan very quickly became the most hateful person in the entire series, possibly even more than Marshall Cross. Jade was present but didn’t feature as prominently as she did in the last book and she wasn’t so annoying this time. Aubrey was around and he's easily one of the best characters in the series. I hope we see more of him in the next few books. Tremble focused very strongly on Dez and Kale so the others kinda faded into the background. The last few chapters were very high on intensity and there was a constant feeling that something was about to go wrong. In a way I’m glad that the series has been extended because there wasn’t nearly enough groundwork for Kale and Dez to take down Denazen, had it happened in book 3, I don’t know how plausible it would have been. Now that we have more books to look forward to, Jus Accardo has more time to flesh some other characters and also start building up to be big climax. For those of you who are dreading yet another nail-biting cliffhanger you can rest assured that there isn’t a cliffhanger as such. Just a little something that Ms Accardo casually threw at us and then left it hanging (a very unexpected bit of info).Happy reading!! :D