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I am passionate about books and read pretty much all kinds of books, ranging from Comics to classics and a whole lot in between. I am also a compulsive reader. This Blog is about I feel about those books.

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Shadowlands - Kate Brian Negative stars!!!SPOILER AHEAD!! READ AT YOUR OWN PERIL!!!Why do i do this to myself!!?? I must really have a masochistic streak in me!!! Shadowlands started well with Rory getting attacked and a serial killer on the loose and then it all went downhill after that. First off, i couldn't believe how inept the FBI was, the guy got into Rory's room and nobody saw anything. He managed to do that when their house was swarming with federal agents!! Seriously!! Was he secretly a Super Ninja!!?? And then, when the family was being relocated there wasn't ONE federal agent with them, especially after what happened!!! These were possibly the dumbest agents in the country!This book had potential and all of that squandered with bad characters and especially that very shoddily done supernatural twist! An island of dead people, really? UGH!!!! What a load of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!p.s.- It sucks that i have to give a book atleast 1 star for the review to show up! Not fair!!!!!!