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I am passionate about books and read pretty much all kinds of books, ranging from Comics to classics and a whole lot in between. I am also a compulsive reader. This Blog is about I feel about those books.

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Covet - Melissa Darnell I'm done with the book!!! Its over and i am not sure whether I'm happy about it or not.. Covet opens with a bang!! I started reading it yesterday and boy, Melissa Darnell is not holding back the punches!!! I read it almost non-stop (i couldn't sleep last night, I just had to finish it)So, Covet takes off immediately after Savannah and Tristan board the plane to come back and once they are back home, all hell breaks lose.. It is a shock even though you kinda expect it to happen.. After that, things slow down some what with Tristan and Savannah breaking up. I thought this book focused more on Savannah (there were more chapters from her POV) and that made sense since she was still growing into her vampire powers. There were some frustrating bits where both thought that the other was in a happy relationship with someone else.. But i was glad it turn into some stupid love triangle.Anne, Michelle and Carrie were back along with those annoying Brat Twins and Dylan (who is still immensely annoying, he really is vile!) We see more of Savannah's Dad along with Tristan's sister Emily. Melissa Darnell throws a real curve ball for the end as well, the climax is really well-written and there is a sense of urgency in the narrative that just sucks you in. Things definitely change at the end of Covet and I can't wait to see how things turn out in Consume!! In fact, I need to read it now!!!!