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Poison Princess - Kresley Cole I read The Poison Princess with very low expectations having read some other scathing reviews. So, did the book disappoint me, not in the slightest because considering how low my expectations were, I don’t think it was possible. But knowing what to expect did enable me to enjoy the book more (Thank you Ferdy!)Now did Poison Princess have potential? Yes it did. I say this with even more emphasis after finishing it. Evie’s character had the potential to be badass, but alas she could never stop whining! Seriously! I am starting to wonder if there are writers capable of writing strong women without making them either indecisive wrecks or so damn unlikable that you’d much rather see them as shark bait? (To be honest I contemplated throwing Evie in front of a bus just to get rid of incessant whining) Evie: Patron Saint of Whiners and Endless Complaining! It’s pretty much all she did throughout the book. As for Jackson, what an ASSWIPE!!!! If ever I came across a Male Chauvinist Pig in books, he was it! Was I supposed to find him attractive, drool all over him after seeing him behave like a jerk? He was obsessed with sex all the time! And of course he didn’t get why the girl wouldn’t just jump at the chance of sleeping with the MCP! It was inconceivable to him, how was it possible that a girl did not want to!!! Sexist Asshole!!! Anyway, the less said about him the better.The other characters were also very blah.. Matthew was so annoying I wanted to hit him what with all the gibberish he kept spouting. We were never meant to like Selena and to that end, I think the author achieved her objective. What little I saw of Finn, I liked. He was possibly the most normal of the entire troop. The only person I liked was (strangely enough) Mel. At least she was up front and frank about the kind of person she was and she was unapologetic about it. Not to mention that she was a refreshing foil to all of Evie’s non-stop whining. It would’ve been nice to see her survive the apocalypse. At the very least she would’ve been entertaining. In all probability I will read the sequel when it releases later this year. And I so hope that Jackson is not Evie’s love interest. At this point, pretty much anyone else would be preferable to that jerk. And please let there not be some pissy-ass love triangle! I so hate those because they only lead to more whining and pining and honestly, there was more than enough of that in The Poison Princess. I realise that it’s a little too optimistic to expect Evie to suddenly turn into a badass, but can she please kick more ass next time instead of just cribbing about being a dead weight, its kinda pointless because that’s exactly what she was.