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Archangel's Storm - Nalini Singh I am a huge fan of Nalini Singh. I’ve read both the Guild Hunter and most of the Psy-Changeling Series and I am completely addicted to both, to the extent where I ration the books, not wanting to finish them too soon. Archangel’s Storm released sometime late last year and I put it off as long as I did because I wanted to read it as close to the release of Archangel’s Legion as possible. Granted that release is still fairly a long way off but I just couldn’t hold back anymore.While the first 3 books focused on Elena and Raphael, they did introduce us to a host of other characters that were so well written that you did start rooting for them even though at that stage they were only secondary characters, But that’s how well Singh creates her characters that you come to love them. And yet they’re not perfect, they all have flaws and they are more human for those faults. There are no paragons of perfection (ok maybe there are but even they are easy to relate to)Archangel’s Storm is about Jason, one of Raphael’s Seven and his Spymaster and Mahiya, a princess from Neha’s territory. Jason must go to Neha’s territory to investigate the murder of her consort, Eris. And while he is investigating the murder, he must tie himself to Mahiya through a Blood Vow. Having sworn one, he cannot betray any information to Raphael that might harm Neha and her bloodline. (in case you’re wondering, Mahiya is Neha’s niece) While initially the murder seems like a solitary incident, soon others start winding up dead in the most brutal of ways. Both Jason and Mahiya realise that these are no ordinary killings; they are a personal assault on the Archangel of India. We still see Raphael, Elena and some of the other angels but their appearances are fleeting since this story is about Jason and Mahiya. There is a healthy amount of steamy sex and what I really like about her books is that the sex scenes never hamper the narrative. Her characters don’t start going at it like frustrated little bunnies at the most inconvenient of times. We met Jason earlier in the series. He was quiet and sharp and his most unique ability was to blend in with the shadows. I really liked his character (like most of Ms. Singh’s characters) he is very intense and brooding and as we progress through the story, it becomes clear why. I loved his character. He is a hardened warrior and yet he is also gentle and fiercely loyal to his friends. I loved Mahiya as well. I don’t know how Nalini Singh does it, but she manages to make the readers really care about almost all the characters in her books. And she makes the readers root for the main protagonists. Mahiya was no exception. She also had a very tough childhood. Though she grew up a princess in Neha’s territory, her childhood was even more traumatic and brutal than Jason’s. And yet these two were so well suited for each other. I really wanted Mahiya to have her happy ending. She was strong, loving, caring and loyal despite everything that she had gone through growing up. It’s not always easy to relate to character like her’s and yet she is extremely relatable. She was very different from Elena and Honor in that she was not a warrior like them, she seemed very soft in comparison, but that didn’t make her weak. It was a testament to her inner strength that she did not let her abusers turn her into a bitter and hateful person. She was kind and loving and one of the sweetest people in the Guild Hunter universe.We also learn more about Neha, the Archangel of India. It would’ve been very easy to make the readers hate her and yet as with most of Singh’s characters, at least I did not. She made mistakes and was most certainly cruel with those who earned her ire and yet she was very fair with her people and she genuinely cared about them. It was nice to see more of another Archangel other than Lijuan (who I most definitely do not like) If you like reading paranormal romances, then you’ll love Nalini Singh. Believe me, you will not be disappointed. If anything, there’s a good chance you’ll end up addicted like me. I am dying to get my hands on the Archangel’s Legion. I was desperately hoping that we see more of Elena and Raphael (in their own books and not as secondary characters) and I was thrilled to learn that we’re getting another book about them. I love the other characters in the series but these two are my favourites. Besides I also want to see more of Caliane and Eve. I also want Elena to have some sort of closure where her family is concerned. And it’s always fun to see Sara and Ransom and what’s a Guild Hunter novel without Illium in it (I hope he gets his own book soon)